• Two Medical Directors, one specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) and the other Addictionology

  • Biofeedback Technician

Occupational therapy

When a spine, neuromuscular, or musculoskeletal pain condition becomes chronic, it is usually accompanied by compensatory muscle guarding. These adjustments or compensatory strategies are not harmful in acute pain conditions, but over time they intensify the painful condition. Usually these strategies develop slowly and often the individual is not even aware of their postural changes. Our occupational therapy professionals develop and implement a plan to reduce or eliminate compensatory muscle guarding, thereby reducing pain and improving movement and functioning. 

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy professionals play an active and important role in the comprehensive program. They help those suffering from chronic pain learn physical techniques to control their symptoms and increase their functioning. They utilize pain-management exercises and education to accomplish the goal of better pain control.

The pain-management exercises used are specifically designed to increase flexibility, endurance, strength, as well as proper posture. The benefits of this part of the program include increased strength and cardiovascular fitness, as well as increased mobility. Frequently when a person suffers from chronic pain the fear of increasing their activity level is a significant roadblock to active participation in an exercise program. Our Physical Therapy Team helps patients overcome this fear. Education about the nature of chronic pain and the important benefits of increasing activity usually alleviates this fear. The therapist provides information about the anatomy of the spine, posture, body mechanics as well as the principles of exercise. This education contributes to decreasing fear and increasing control over the pain.

The PainCare doctor

Our Medical Director, a psychiatrist, specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R). He not only evaluates each patient, but also directs the medical treatment of each person’s program. Working in conjunction with the Treatment Team, as well as a referring physician if there is one, our Medical Director will recommend a course of treatment and then follow up with each patient on a weekly basis. Outside physicians involved in the patient’s care are notified of our Medical Director’s medication recommendations.

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