• Are you a Medical Director, Claims Analyst, Claims Adjuster, Case Manager, or another professional involved in Workers Compensation cases? 
  • Are you willing to consider an alternative for complex, high-cost cases, or early intervention for cases that could turn into high-cost cases? 
  • Are you faced with cases where the reserves have to be increased for Pharmacy?  Medical?  Chiropractic?  Surgical treatment?  Or other services? 
  • Do you have a case you need to get to Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), or a case headed for Permanent Total Disability (PTD)?

We offer a functional restoration program as well as a rehabilitation program for claimants with both chronic pain and addiction cases.  In the Pain and Addiction program we address the chronic pain as well as medication dependency.  Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is used in this program, but only for weaning the claimant off of opioids not for long-term management. 

We work with a claimant to stop focusing on seeking treatment for the “pain generator,” and to instead forward and focus on increasing their functioning and returning to work. 

  • Can you think of one case that needs this kind of help?
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